What is Sous Vide?

Sous-vide (/sˈvd/; French for “under vacuum”)[1] is a method of cooking in which food is vacuum-sealed in a plastic pouch or a glass jar and then placed in a water bath or steam environment for longer than normal cooking times (usually 1 to 7 hours, up to 48 or more in some cases) at an accurately regulated temperature. The temperature is much lower than normally used for cooking, typically around 55 to 60 °C (131 to 140 °F) for meat, higher for vegetables. The intent is to cook the item evenly, ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside, and to retain moisture.

Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

Sous Vide immersion circulator are the most popular and convenient way to cook sous vide at home. Immersion circulator can be placed in almost any form of water container from soup pot to a plastic cooler. They are much smaller than the sous vide oven and take up less space in the kitchen.

Sous Vide Ovens

Sous Vide ovens are the all in one cooking machines. It includes the water reservoir and digital thermostat. All you have to do is fill it with water, set the tempature and place your sealed food in! These are great but do require more space and are much larger than the alternative Sous Vide immersion circulator.

Sous Vide Vacuum Sealers

Now a sous vide vacuum sealer is highly recommend but not required. The benefits of having a food saver not only makes it easier to cook sous vide but helps preserve your food.

Searing your Sous Vide Food

One extremely important part of cooking sous vide is searing! Now there are many forms of searing: on the grill, pan, cast iron, and even blow torches.

Sous Vide Cookbooks

We all have regular cookbooks so why not get one thats all sous vide? These cookbooks have great recipes and are a perfect addition to anyones kitchen.